About the Specialty U.S. Soy Database

The Specialty U.S. Soy Database is the premier destination for those looking to source soybeans specifically for use in soy foods like tofu, miso, and other uses.

With over 125 featured varieties, the Specialty U.S. Soy Database brings you the most comprehensive database of U.S. soybean varieties available for use in soy-based foods. Whether you are looking for high oil or protein content or have general interest in where your soybeans originate, the Specialty U.S. Soy Database has the answers.

Our tool allows you to search for soybean varieties that elicit your business’ specific use case. To get started, go to the home page and use the available sliders and filters to identify the large selection of the soybean seeds and their qualities. Upon finding the varietals that meet your needs, head over to the Suppliers page to locate and connect with seed supply companies and contacts that carry your varietal.

Through a collaborative effort between the United Soy Board (USB), United States Soybean Export Council (USSEC), a top U.S. grain and oil seed analysis certified lab and company, seed technology providers, and seed exporters and providers throughout the United States, over 750 samples of soybeans were tested to assessed for the quality and properties of soybeans grown throughout the country.

If you have any questions regarding the database, it’s science-based backing, or how the Specialty U.S. Soy Database can bring value to your organization, please reach out to Will McNair at wmcnair@ussec.org.